Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

It's a great new year, with great new sets to be excited about!!! I haven't blogged in a while as work and school keeps me pretty busy but back in October I did get a trip to the Lego store, and once school was over, I got down to business with building. Let's showcase and talk about it!

My trip to The Lego store was a pretty small trip. I ended up getting one of the biggest pick a brick containers with some nice items, like several of the brown stair cases. I parted together 6 minifigures, and bought some small seasonal sets.

The minifigures I parted together were mostly meh, I was kind of after pieces more than making someone special, but this guy I really like. I got the Hawiian shirt and the swim shorts and a pretzel! Score! I grabbed as many pretzels as I could and found some good torsos, even the painter's smock from the series 4 artist. I also picked up some of the little "occasion" specific minisets available.

I really wanted a Santa Claus but was not that into the workshop set. The minifigures series Santa cost about as much or more than this little miniset so I was really glad to get a hold of this on my trip.

I was excited to get this one because the clown will be useful in my circus / carnival. All the pieces for that are fallilng in to place and I just read somewhere that they will be releasing a farris wheel this summer. So excited!!!!!

When I use this one where I want it, I'm going to make one modfiication, other than not using the veil because I don't like the cloth pieces in most Lego sets, I'm going to give her sleeves because I'm a modest kind of gal.

Also, since we last met I made my first purchase from and got a case for my new iPhone 6. I love it! It's good quality, awesome picture, and it is definitely quite the conversation piece.

I have made several orders from BrickWarriors and BrickForge, but I hadn't made anything cool with the items I used, but I did part together this lovely flying lady. I used the BrickWarrior Harpy Wings in white with the gold should gear and a face I got from the minifigure bin at The Lego Store and the extra blond hairpiece that I got from the Wedding Set. I don't have a name for her but I see her as maybe a superhero as I like to make up my own characters rather than using licensed heroes for my stories.

At the beginning of December every year, my church puts on this wonderful exhibit where they display hundreds of nativity scenes from the community or within the church from all over the world. While walking through the exhibit, I found this wonderful gem and decided it was my favorite. It is made of all Lego, with the exception of the cloth used to create the robes. I stared at it long enough, its legit and was my favorite of the nativity scenes, though I may be a little biased. It has me already thinking about next year.

Got these little sets for Christmas. The first one I got free from Lego when I ordered The Fairground Mixer. I have a funny story for that order but I'll wait and tell it when I have actually built The Fairground Mixer, which I will be building that set next actually. The second I grabbed on Amazon.

T'was the season to build this one even thought I bought it over summer and not for its intended purpose. I have accepted the fact that I will never own Grand Carousel, so I am going to put this set in my circus / carnival.

I was very lucky and actually got the Exo-Suit on Amazon for regular price. And I actually really loved the build. I've never really been in to Space that much but this set gave me a new appreciation for space. Which was perfect because I made an awesome trade that gained me some Blacktron sets.

A friend traded me these for an extra Nintendo 3DS I had that he thought would be good for his son. It was kind of a rip off deal for him but I think he was happy to depart with so much to someone that would appreciate them because his son didn't.

Was happy to finally get this house but a little disappointed that you couldn't leave the light on. Not something a little modding or purchasing of Liteupblok woudn't fix but it was still a little disappointing.

Was I the only one excited about this set coming with a port-a-potty? Am I the only one excited about that new 2015 construction set that also does?

And last, but certainly not least. I finally built another old set of mine. This was one of my favorites and was featured many times in play with my brother. There were frequent fires at the control tower where the control tower lady had to be rescued. I think the experiences gave her PTSD because she later she was jailed for stabbing her husband the pilot to the Turbo Prop I and for slapping the president of Legoland.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to and there's still plenty more to do. Happy Building!!!!


  1. Port-A-Potty the reason I love the crane from ~5 years ago.

  2. Ooo!!! I'll have to look for that one!