Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buliding, Building, and Can't Get Enough of Buildng

So, I don't have a lot to report except that I've been doing an extensive amount of building. I have also done a little bit more arranging of my Lego room. I finally have the space mostly clear and have laid out part of the dimensions of where things will be set up, just so I can room to put stuff. I still have much more building to do. But at least I have a place to put it.

I'm trying to decide what direction to take this blog. I like talking about Lego and now talk about it frequently in private chats on Facebook with 3 people from around the world. I love building sets. I love creating pictures of situations, such as I did with my 80s hospital, but to be honest, I don't really enjoy writing like a reviewer or someone writing an article. I find a lot of times I'll have built a set and I found it enjoyable, but I don't have a ton to say about it. Plus, chronicling all my sets is a little exhausting, as you'll see the backlog of photos of builds that I have recently done. So, what I'll probably end up doing is, write occasional blog. Show what I recently purchased / built, if it's a building, I'll probably showcase features or scenarios and really only comment if something particularly stands out. This may or may not help make this blog interesting. Really, this blog will probably get more interesting once I'm up and running with MOCs and creating stories with my city.

So here are a few things that I've built recently:

These are the only two movie sets that I have bought because their alternate build is a good addition to a city set up. Admittedly, though, I don't like this garbage truck as much as I like this one. The back end where the trash goes doesn't open up very wide. I do, however, like the cook. I can't wait to build him a restaurant. I'm thinking Italian. I don't plan on getting very many more movie sets. I really want 70811 - The Flying Flusher and then I want the minifigures Blacktron Fan and Fabu Fan from 70813 - Rescue Reinforcements and I've thought about buying them individually but I believe last I checked they were $20-$25 US a piece on Bricklink, so after paying $40-$50 US for just two minifigures you may as well pay $70 US to get the whole thing and have the additional bricks for MOCs.

The black car is, I've decided, will be my female action  hero that I blogged about last time's car. I really liked the racecar and will be building another just like it with different colors.

Yes! I did get the Research Institute. I wasn't one of the lucky people that acquired it from though. I got it from a scalper. But to me it was worth it because it's a cool set. My favorite part of building the set was the dinosaur. I like the minfigures for the most part except I've never been a fan of the non-smiling Lego head. So I might replace some of their heads. At the very least the chemist probably. The Etcto-1 was pretty fun to build but a little complicated for me. The small pieces were difficult for my all-thumbs hands to put in their intricate places. In fact, there were 2 pieces I could not even get on the roof. Two clear round 1 studs. But I don't think its lack detracts much from the model.

I had the best Lego weekend this past weekend. The two tubs of Lego I got from my friend's sister's daughter for $100. It has so many sets in there. Highlights include, The Queen Anne, Bank and Money Transfer, Forest Police Station, Winter Village Cottage, a fireboat, Marina, and several others, such an awesome deal. And then of course I found some of the collectible minifigures. On a random grab of 16 I got 11/16 of the series. The odds are now against me so, I will be purchasing the rest from re-sellers.

So I have a lot to do now between sorting the new used Lego, still getting all of my sets together and the plethora of new Lego. But it's been fun. I love Lego.

Happy Building!!!

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