Sunday, January 5, 2014

It started with something very BASIC.........

Hello! Welcome to my Lego blog! I am very excited to start this adventure of full-filling my life long dream with you all! It has been a dream of mine to be able to have my own expansive Lego set up and I'm very excited to finally begin this process. I initially imagined this opportunity about 10 years ago at the age 23 when, on top of the countless Lego sets I already owned, I purchased a lot of 28 lbs. of random Legos on Ebay for about $200. It has taken about 10 years later as I will be 33 in 27 days, but I am beyond excited.

I got my first Lego set sometime in 1984 or 1985. It was this set Lego BASIC Set 544-1 that I started with after a small stint with Duplos in the couple years before. From there along with my brother it grew into many years of fun building experiences and play time stories, some of which I'll talk about in future postings. My favorite themes are Town and Castle and now in Lego modern times City, Creator, Minifigures, and Castle though I have yet to delve deep in to the new castle stuff since my focus is mainly town / city.

Above is my personally parted together minifigure representation of myself and my first Lego minifigure.

Myself again with a minifigure representation of my brother, Jason

What you can expect from this site moving forward is updates on my old set builds, new set builds, and anything I custom build. I also plan on experimenting with stop motion and picture story-telling. I hope you enjoy following along and if you have any positive comments or questions, please feel free to make them. Anything negative or trolling will be deleted. Below is my combination living room / Lego studio where I live life (watch movies, play video games, listen to music, surf the interwebs and occasionally entertain a guest) and work on my Lego creations. Happy Building!!!!