Saturday, April 26, 2014

And the Red Bricks Are Sorted!!!!!

I guess I took an almost 2 month hiatus from Lego, which isn't uncommon for me because I tend to phase through hobbies. The last stretch was a combination reading and video games venture. Still doing the reading, but the gaming has gone down quite a bit. But that's great because now I'm back in to Lego again full steam ahead.

Today, I spent almost the entire day sorting my pieces. I have altered things from my last sorting blog. I did end up getting the sorting cabinet I think I mentioned but I haven't bought any more of them because I wanted a better idea of what items I'd actually need cabinets for. That can only be known after I've built all my sets. So, it was back to sorting. Today, I can proudly say that I have sorted all of my red bricks. The red is probably the 3rd largest color I have with black and white tying for first place. I do have other colors sorted in to them but I finally got to the end of the red bin. I felt quite accomplished.

My cats cry every time I'm in the Lego room and today that actually found their way in as the door to the room is a sliding door and can be easily pushed inward allowed for space. I started to freak out a bit but this time I just let them come inside. Surprisingly, they actually weren't all that interested in the bricks. They seemed to mostly just want to be there with me.

Trying to help me sort.

She started to attack a pile of ladders so I had to move them and give her something to distract her

A lot of excitement is coming this summer in the world of Lego. I am particularly excited about The Fairground Mixer. I totally want to do a theme park and this would be a great addition. The other one is the Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe. This one I am definitely buying 3 of so I can do the main build and the two alternate builds. I won't be able to get them all at once probably but eventually I will. So excited!

I did build a set a while back that I took pictures of but I didn't like the pictures and my little pictures area kind of got maimed by my cats, they tore down the cloudy paper. So, I'm working on that. Hopefully I'll have something of interest up soon. Other than that I have 3 other sets still to build that are newer to showcase, one I just bought a couple days ago because I had some extra money and there was a sale on

I am starting to make big plans though for usage of space for my set up. I live in a small mobile home (a single-wide) and I know my back room is going to be too small to hold everything I want to do. My landlord had converted the outdoor porch into an enclosed garage area and I'm trying to figure out ways I can utilize that space and protect it against the elements because it's a lot of space and I'd hate to see it go to waste. I was also at work on Friday and thinking about how I wanted to use the expanse under my tables for part of the set up but it would be really dark  under there and then I got an idea. I could get plug in under cabinet lighting to install underneath the table and lo and behold, my job I work for has some plug in under cabinet lighting. So, I'm super stoked about getting everything going.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Happy Building!

Just wants to hang out

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